2015 Single Track Minds Calendar

April 12th // Jorgenson Park 4 Hour
July 19th // Kalamunda 50

August 23rd // Wembley Cycles 6 Hour **NEW FORMAT**

The 2014 series has been a great success.  We have had a great time putting on the three events this year.  The last event the Kalamunda 50 was a great success with the weather holding out perfectly and the new venue at Core Cider House proving to be the perfect event location.

For 2015 we are running the same three events as 2014.  The major change for this year will be a slight change to the format of the Wembley Cycles 6 Hour in August being a teams only event.  Click on the links above for more detailed information about each of the races.

For more information on the Single Track Minds race series, please contact us: